Press on Black Unicorn EP


“If Leonard Cohen had written Black Unicorn it would be an instant classic!”  Marty Willson-Piper – the church, All About Eve, The Saints

Tiare is like a female Devendra Banhart, with moody and evocative lyrics and intriguing soundscapes . . .after hearing a few bars of most songs, I can tell where they’re going and what will happen, but I can’t do that with her songs, and I really like that about them, it’s great song-writing.”  Steve Kilbey – the church



“Heavenly music from a beautiful songstress. Definitely worth checking out if you loved Tiare’s first EP and you’re a lover of some very enchanting vocals, haunting mysterious lyrics backed by some very talented musicians. Siren alert! I was lucky to see Tiare performing in 2011 with the church and I can assure you that the audience was bewitched by her beautiful performance.”

– Posted by Priestess

“Tiare Helberg’s “Black Unicorn” is an amazing soundscape tapestry. Over the course of four songs, Tiare is able to weave beautifully constructed, sometimes haunting, lyrics through a complexly crafted foundation created by layers of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mellotron and percussion. The result is a rich, enigmatic, emotionally evocative EP which takes the listener on a free-floating ride. While Tiare’s voice is soft and soothing, there is an edge to each of her songs which seems to speak of an underlying darkness and mystery.

Accompanied by Marty Willson-Piper, Steve Kilbey and timEbandit Powles on three different tracks, this EP should not be regarded as a “Church” album with a female lead singer. These songs, written by Tiare, look at love, relationship and the edge of emotion from her perspective. Each track stands on its own; however, taken as a whole, this EP has a “Pink Floyd” album-theme quality in that there seems to be an underlying theme that spans throughout the four song set. While each listener should decide this for themselves; and only Tiare really knows, I got the sense that there was a “beauty, sadness and the edge of madness” theme through the songs that lends a dark, edgy atmosphere to the very light, pleasing melodies. One listen should have you completely spellbound.”

– Posted by Jeff Shore

“thoroughly recommended..something very different..old fashioned organic music..sweet beguiling exotic should get this..!”

 – Posted by Steve Kilbey – the church

‘The best word I can use in reference to it is wistful. The songs seem to carry an aged contemplation on memory, events, thoughts…the songs sound old, and I mean that with the best possible connotation; hints of 30’s jazz singing, echos of Harold Budd’s detached piano sound, some of it even reminded me of Nico circa Desertshore (doesn’t sound like it but recollects it, to me at least) . . . Getting lost in a full length album along the same ruminations is an endeavour that I would love to indulge in.’”

 – Posted by Reid Wilson